Keyboard shortcuts in CoreBridge will help advanced users navigate through the system faster and accomplish common tasks easier simply by pressing a couple keystrokes rather than using the mouse for all operations. The shortcuts that are available vary from module to module.

Accessing Keyboard Shortcuts Help

In all modules you can access a Keyboard Shortcut Help screen, that acts as a quick reference to all shortcuts available. To access this help screen, press the following keyboard combination Shift + /  (Note:  this is the same combination of keystrokes for the question mark symbol ? )  After pressing this shortcut, the help screen shown below will appear. 

New Shortcut:

F8—Sales Monitor (this key allows you to track your activity for the day).

From the help screen, all shortcuts are separated in groups starting with the module the shortcut is available in, followed by the type of result expected such as navigation or action. The keyboard shortcuts are designed to follow any common standards typically used by other major web applications such as Gmail and others. Each group is separated into two columns. The first will show the key or keys to press and the second will show the resulting action that will occur. Reading this column carefully will help you understand why certain keys were used and will help you remember them easier for future use.

NOTE:  There is one important thing to remember about using keyboard shortcuts. In order to prevent undesirable events from happening, all keyboard shortcuts will not function when your cursor is active inside a text area or input field, such as a dropdown menu or checkbox.