Quick Search is a feature that allows you to access estimates and invoices in your system without having to leave the page you are currently working on. You can search by estimate or invoice number, as well as by customer name.

This feature is available within the Sales Module, Design Module, and Production Module.

How to use Quick Search

You can access the Quick Search feature with a keyboard shortcut. Make sure your cursor isn't active in any text or input field (if you're not sure, click on the grey sidebars or other non-interactive area in CoreBridge), then press the / key on your keyboard to bring up the Quick Search screen. The results in this window will be sorted by the last date modified, meaning estimates and orders that were most recently edited will appear first. 

With Quick Search you can perform some basic operations and management functions such as:

  • View Order Status & Account Validations
  • View and Update Product Status and Sub-statuses
  • Print a Product Work Order
  • View and Add product Notes
  • Navigate to the Customer page
  • Navigate to the Order View page
  • Navigate to the Product view page

You can open each of the navigation links in a new tab by right-clicking on the link.