What is browser cache?

In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages and store them locally on your computer's hard drive in an area called "cache." Browser cache (also known as Internet cache) contains records of every item you have viewed or downloaded while browsing the internet. This includes CoreBridge. So, when you visit the same page for a second time, the browser speeds up display time by loading the page locally from cache instead of downloading everything again. However, this can cause issues when files become out of date. To correct this, you can clear your cache which will prompt your browser to request new files.

Clearing your Web Browser Cache Memory

Below are links to more detailed instructions on clearing your cache depending on your browser.



When to Clear Browser Cache

While not required by any means, we recommend a cache clearing daily as part of your morning routine. This will often take care of problems before they occur, and will prevent any issues in the case that a small update goes out overnight.