The Accounting Module provides a place to run a Reconciliation report (similar to a Daily Closeout procedure) for all the financial activity and to aid you in exporting the necessary data to your accounting software. Other functions include the ability to manage income and expense accounts and look up additional financial summary information.

Primary Use of this Module: Area to perform a Reconciliation report. This module is also used if you are planning to export your financial data.

Typical Users with access to this module:  Management, Accounting Manager, Bookkeeper 

Key areas of the Module:

(A) Manage Accounts:

  • Manage your Income Accounts:  Each part and modifier in your CoreBridge system is tied to an Income Account. The sale amount of each part or modifier on an invoice is linked to an income account. This affects your reports within CoreBridge, as well as your accounting software (if applicable). For additional information review the Income Accounts article.
  • Manage your COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Accounts:  Parts and modifiers can also be tied to COGS Accounts. When using the Purchasing Module in CoreBridge, COGS accounts will be tied to purchase orders generated within CoreBridge. For additional information, review the Cost of Goods Sold Accounts article.

(B) Reconciliation:

  • Perform daily CoreBridge Reconciliations (similar to a daily Closeout Routine). For additional information review the Reconciliations In CoreBridge article.
  • Review and Manage Reconciliation Reports

  NOTE:  CoreBridge Reconciliations are a key part of the Accounting Export process.

(C) Accounting Export: