The Reports Module lets you generate real-time reports key to managing your business. Many reports include filters that can be used to further refine the results displayed.  

Reports can be saved, printed, downloaded or exported for ease of use. Some reports have export specific versions that are designed to be Excel friendly.

Users can be set to have limited access rights to specific areas of the Reporting module. This can allow a user access to the Sales Reports area, while not allowing them access to Management level reports.

Primary Use of this Module:  Generate reports based on your CoreBridge data.

Typical Users with access to this module:  Management team, including Sales Manager and Production Manager.

Key areas of the Module:

(A) Company / Financial:  Management level reports, including Sales Tax liability, and Employee time clock reports

(B) Customers / Receivables:  Customer related reports including Accounts Receivable Aging and a customer contact list

(C) Sales:  Sales based Reports based on various categories including Sales by Customer, and Sales by Customer origination

(D) Production:  Reports related to production activities, including Work In Progress reports, reports related to ordering material, and vendor part list.

(E) Franchise:  Royalty related reports. This area is only available if you are part of a Franchise.

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