The Design Module manages the workflow of your designers. This module contains several queues which allow you to quickly see and update product statuses as they move through the workflow. You have the ability to refine your queues with filters, as well as assign responsibilities & product prioritization. Queues are a significant part of the Design Module. Everything from new orders, estimates, proofs awaiting approval, and final designs heading to pre-production are handled in these queues.

Primary Use of this Module:  Managing workflow of your design department

Typical Users with access to this module:  Designers

Key areas of the Module:  

(A) Design Queues:  Each queue contains only tasks with relevant statuses to reduce clutter, help designers locate their jobs faster, and allow them to clear a queue as they complete the work.  

NOTE:  Queues in the Design Module always display products rather than orders

(B) Queue Filter:  If you would like to filter your product list for specific information, select the filter to refine your results.

(C) Queue Prioritization:  Set the priority & responsibility for each product. For more information read the Queue Prioritization article.

(D) Assignments:  Assign products to a specific user, or several users.

(E) Invoice Number:  Select the invoice number to be directed to the Product View page.

(F) Product Number:  This indicates the product number.  ie: 1/2 indicates this is product 1 (one), of a 2 (two) product order.

(G) Orange Icon:  Click here to be directed to the order view screen.

(H) Proof Icon:  When this icon is outlined, a proof has been attached to this product. Click on the icon to view the product proof.

Product Expanded View

To view more details about a product in a Queue, click the + button to the left of the invoice number.  

Details of this Product can be reviewed as well as statuses, sub-statuses & due dates can be easily updated. You can also print a Work Order, or add/view Product notes.

Once a product has been approved and has production-ready files, the designer then updates the product to the appropriate status which moves it to the related queue in the Production Module.