The Sales Module is the key Module for your sales department. This module allows you to create and manage customers, generate estimates and invoices, and receive payments.

Primary Use of this Module:  Creating / Managing customers, generating Estimates & Invoices

Typical Users with access to this module:  Sales staff, Account Managers

Key areas of the Module:

(A) Queues:  Allow a sales person or account manager to quickly identify the workload in each department, easily track a job as it advances through the workflow, and to constantly stay up-to-date on the various tasks in the system. Some queues help manage accounts receivables while others assist in reminding salesmen to follow up with customers regarding estimates and approvals.

(B) CRM:  The Customer Relationship Manager allows you to add and update information for customers, as well as for prospective customers. You can save notes of interaction you have had with a contact and stay-to-date on past activities and future events.

(C) Customers:  Manage your customer settings here including creating a new customer, adding contacts, uploading company logos, and more.

(D) Quick Price:  Quickly get a product price by skipping the customer information step. The Quick Price uses Tier 1 pricing without any customer-specific discounts or pricing. You can also convert a Quick Price into an estimate or order.

(E) Estimates:  Allows you to create new estimates, as well as search for and edit existing estimates. Customer selection is a required step. An estimate can be converted into an order.

(F) Orders:  Allows you to create new orders, as well as search for and edit existing orders. Customer selection is a required step. 

(G) Products:  Manage your Quick Products here by editing, enabling, disabling or deleting them.

(H) Goals:  Allows you to monitor sales vs goals, based on your selected period, and report, including Company Location, Salesperson & Income Account. System Goals can be set up by navigating to Management Module > Goals.

(J) Company-wide Sales:  Allows you to monitor your location in real time. This information is updated as projects progress through the workflow.

For more information, read the Sales Company-Wide Totals Explained article.