The Management Module is where all settings that govern your system are controlled. Many of the settings defined in this module are required for CoreBridge to function properly, including sales tax, part pricing, etc.

Primary Use of this Module:  Managing backend settings of your CoreBridge system

Typical Users with access to this module:  Owner, System Administrator, General Manager

Key areas of the Module:

(A) Users:  Set up and manage each employee or User with access to your CoreBridge system, including user permissions, user alerts, etc. Time tracking adjustments are also handled in this area.

(B) Parts:  Create and manage parts and pricing templates, including bulk part updates and part importing. In this area, you can also specify individual part pricing and part settings.

(C) Modifiers:  Create and manage modifiers.

(D) Goals:  Set up Company-wide sales goals, Individual goals by Salesperson, as well as Income Category Goals.

(E) Customers:  Manage Customer related communication and notifications, customer portal settings and CRM settings.

(F) Vendors:  Manage Vendor related communication.

(G) Global Settings:  Manage all system-wide related settings, including Pricing Settings, ordering rules, and product status customization.

(H) Locations:  Set the specifics for your location or locations, including tax groups.

(I) Machines:  Manage production machines used for building your products. Layout modifiers are also handled in this area.