Assigning a status to a customer can help your salespeople know how to follow up with their clients.

A customer can have the following Customer Statuses:

  • Lead:  Customers that you’ve entered into the system but haven’t done any work for.
  • Prospect:  Customers you haven’t done business with but who have an estimate entered in for them.
  • Client (Active):  Customers you are doing business with.
  • Client (Inactive):  Customers you are no longer doing business with or who haven’t placed an order within a certain time period.

How Customer Statuses Change

  • When a New Customer is created, the Customer Status will automatically be set as Lead.

  • After creating a New Estimate for a Lead, the Customer Status will automatically be updated to Prospect.

  • If an Estimate is converted to an Order or a New Order is created, the Customer Status will be automatically updated to Client.

  • At any time, you can manually set a customer as Inactive by clicking the Make Inactive link.


This action will be logged in the Account History, and will hide the customer from the default search results on Customer Search. Inactive customers can be included in the search results by checking the Include Inactive checkbox.

NOTE:  An inactive status does not prevent you from creating new estimates or orders for a customer. Statuses for new estimates and orders for an inactive client would automatically update as appropriate.