CoreBridge provides a streamlined way to provide multiple quantity options, or variations, for the same product on an estimate. To use this functionality while entering an estimate, you can click on the button labeled + Pricing Options located at the bottom of the product in the Product Summary section.


Clicking on this button will bring up the Advanced Pricing Options modal. From here you can quickly enter in new quantity options you would like your customer to view.

  • (A) The Quantity entered should be the Product Quantity you would enter normally.
  • (B) After entering each quantity option, press the Add button to add it to your option list.
  • (C) You can change the Product Quantity in the field below which will automatically recalculate the Total Price.
  • (D) If you need to manually override any of the price options, simply highlight the price you wish to override and enter the desired price.
  • (E) A reset arrow will then become visible signifying which line has been overridden. You can click the reset button to return the price back to its original, calculated value.
  • (F) After your pricing options are set, press the Save & Close button to complete the Multi-Quantity entry process.


A new icon will now be visible indicating that Multi-Quantity options have been set for this product. By hovering over it, you can instantly see the pricing options that were entered for this product. Any prices that were overridden will be highlighted by a red flag.


Continue on with your normal Estimate Entry process. After completing and saving your Estimate, the same Multi-Quantity icon will be visible on the Estimate View page. Hovering over the icon here will also display the additional quantity options that have been entered for each product on that estimate.


When printing an estimate to give to your customer, these options will be clearly visible under each product's price on the right side of the estimate. These additional quantity options will not be added into the total price shown on the estimate, allowing you to clearly give additional options to your customer without any added confusion.


Before converting the estimate to an order, if the customer has selected one of the other quantity options, you will need to edit the estimate and update the product quantity to reflect the change. Then when converting, the correct quantity and price will be reflected on the order.