The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) allows you to add and update information for customers as well as for contacts who are not yet active clients.

Overview of Contacts in CRM

Entering a Contact through the CRM is different than entering a Customer:

  • Customers are typically created when you know you are going to create an estimate or start an order.
  • Contacts are typically created for business leads you intend to connect with.
    • Hover over the CRM tab and click Contacts. Under the CRM, you will see all of your leads, prospects, and active customers listed by contact name.
          NOTE:  There can be multiple contacts for one company.

The Four Company Statuses are:

  • Leads  Customers that you’ve entered into the system but haven’t done any work for.
  • Prospects  Customers you haven’t done business with but who have an estimate entered in for them.
  • Active  Customers you are doing business with.
  • Inactive  Customers you are no longer doing business with or who haven’t placed an order within a certain time period.
    • By default, the contacts are sorted alphabetically by Company Name.
    • This column shows when the last CRM event took place and what occurred.
    • Click on the plus sign to the left of your contact to review all the information that you have on file, including any notes you’ve added.

    NOTE: You can also edit your contact information from this window.

Creating a New Company/Contact in CRM

Navigate to the Sales Module CRM > + Add Contact.

New Company:  you would have to enter Company information, Primary Contact Information, Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Customer Associations. 

Existing Company: just select the Company name you are wanting to add additional contact. Just search the Customer Name in the Field and add the additional Contact Information on the fields provided. 

NOTE:  Later, when you want to create an estimate or order for a contact, the system will remind you to add the rest of their information.