Customers are assigned a salesperson in CoreBridge. When you’re creating a customer profile you have the option to assign a specific salesperson to that customer. You can also edit the salesperson on existing customers.

Assigning a Salesperson on Customer Creation

When creating a customer, you will need to assign a salesperson before saving. Doing so will automatically assign all estimates and orders created for this customer to this salesperson. You can change the salesperson on individual orders.


Editing Salesperson on Existing Customer

Once a customer is entered into CoreBridge, you can edit the salesperson that is assigned. Doing so will assign the new salesperson to all future estimates and orders. This will not update any existing estimates or orders.


Overriding Salesperson on Estimates or Orders

You can override the assigned salesperson while creating an order. This will change the salesperson for this specific order only. This option also allows you to go back in after the fact and adjust the salesperson up until the time that the order is in a COMPLETED status. Overriding a salesperson on the order is a user access right, which means you can allow or disallow this on a user by user basis.