If you need to duplicate an estimate or invoice in your system, you can simply use the clone feature within your CoreBridge system. This can be used for re-orders or new orders with similar products.

When cloning, you are able to clone from:

  • Estimate > Estimate
  • Estimate > Order
  • Order > Estimate
  • Order > Order

There are also four additional parameters available, which are covered in this article.

Areas to Clone From

  1. On the left side of the Estimate or Order View screen, simply click Clone Estimate or Clone Order.
  2.  Within the Estimate Search screen or Order Search screen, click on the green + button next to the invoice number to expand the invoice and then click Clone Estimate or Clone Order.  

Cloning an Estimate or Order

Click Clone Estimate or Clone Order in the areas of the system outlined above.

  1. Within the modal:  Clone To:  Choose to clone to an estimate or to an order.
  2. New Description:  Enter or change the description for the new estimate/order.
  3. New PO Number:  Enter a purchase order number, if applicable.
  4. Update Pricing to Current:  It is possible pricing has changed since the original estimate/order was created. Check this box to update to any new pricing, or uncheck the box for pricing to remain the same as the original order.
  5. Keep Any Product and Part Proof:  Checkbox to clone proofs or uncheck box to clear proofs on cloned order.
  6. Keep Product Notes:  Check this box to clone product notes or uncheck this box to clear all product notes from the previous order.
  7. Keep Order Notes: Check this box to clone Order Notes from original order. By default, this is un-checked to match historical workflow.
  8. Update to Currently Assign Salesperson:  Checkbox to update to currently assigned salesperson or uncheck to keep salesperson on original order.
  9. Remove all Discounts: Check the box to remove the discounts both Product and Order discounts from the original Estimate/Order.
  10. Click Clone and Edit to clone your new order, and automatically put the order into edit mode. You can update items for the estimate/order. Or, click the Clone button and your new order will be created & saved. 

        NOTE:  Product and Order Files do not copy over when cloning orders and estimates. Any other information on the order without options on the Clone Order modal will be copied over from the source order. For example, if product details, part text, etc. have been changed since the original order was created, you will need to update the new cloned order.