Sometimes you end up with a duplicate customer and only, later on, realize they need to be merged with another customer.

Steps to Merge Customers:

  1. Click on the customer's name you wish to merge in the Sales Module.
  2. Go to the Information Tab.

  3. Click the Merge button in the lower right corner.
  4. In the Merge Customer modal, click on the Select customer to merge with button.



What Will be Merged

  • Orders/Estimates
  • Order/Estimate History
  • Any non-duplicate Shipping Addresses
  • Any non-duplicate Contacts
        NOTE:  A duplicate contact is determined by a matching contact first name and last name. If the contact is a duplicate, none of that contact’s information will be merged.
  • In-Store Credit
        NOTE:  If the company you are merging has in-store credit, it will be added to the company you are merging with.

What Will NOT be Merged

These items won’t be merged and will be determined by the customer you are merging to:

  • Account History
  • Billing Address
  • Company Phone/Fax
  • Terms
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • Credit Limit
  • Origination & Industry Types
  • Duplicate Contacts—If a contact’s first and last name match another contact, no information will be merged.
  • Customer Notes
  • Customer Specific Pricing