In CoreBridge you can apply a discount to an estimate or order in just a few simple steps. You can do this by either a percentage or a fixed amount.

NOTE:  The user must have sufficient access rights to enter a discount. User rights can be configured to limit the maximum discount amount permitted.

Applying a Discount During Order Entry

  1. While in Order Edit Mode, go to Step 3:  Finalize Order.

    NOTE:  Step 1 and 2 must be completed before proceeding to Step 3.

  2. Click on the black button at the top of the page labeled + Advanced Pricing Options.

  3. Discounts can be given as a percentage or as an exact dollar amount. Select one of the two options:

    • Order Discount Percentage—enter the percentage that the entire order will be discounted.
    • Order Discount Amount—enter the fixed dollar amount that the entire order will be discounted.

  4. Then, Click to Apply Discount.

    NOTE:  Discounts will show up as a line item in the Order Summary as well as on customer invoices.



Applying a Discount to Existing Orders

  1. Select Edit Order from either the Order View page or a queue.

  2. Click on Step 3:  Finalize Order and follow the steps listed in the previous section.