Product Setup Fees can be used to help cover basic costs that aren’t accounted for in individual parts such as account manager costs, RIP time, or layout and design fees.

This article will cover the following topics:

The fees are assessed for each product listed in a product order. Customers don’t see this as an added fee because it is included in the product total. Fees can also be overridden at the Order Product level during order entry.

Adding a Product Setup Fee to Your System

Customize your Product Setup Fees by navigating to Management Module > Global Settings > Pricing Settings > Setup Fees.

  1. Click Add New Fee.

  2. A new line will appear where you can enter the Fee Label and Fee Amount.

        NOTE:  Fee Labels will not be viewable to customers.

  3. Select whether the fee is taxable or nontaxable.

  4. Select the Income Account from the drop-down menu.

  5. If you have multiple fees assessed, the Setup Fee Total will display the total amount, which will be reflected as the Product Setup Fee during order entry.



Overriding a Product Setup Fee

The Product Setup Fee will be added automatically in the Product Summary at the bottom of the product box during order entry.

  • Depending on your user access rights, you can click on override located to the right of the Product Setup Fee and enter your changes in the form that pops up.
  • You can increase or decrease the existing amount or change the Income Account.
  • Hit Save to view the updated amount.



How does the Product Setup Fee appear to my customer?

The Product Setup Fee is never visible to the customer. The fee is automatically added to the Product Price and is only shown in the Product Summary area during order entry with no separate call out in the Order Summary.