Products in the queues can be prioritized and organized with Queue Prioritization. This feature allows you to assign a Responsibility and/or a Number to individual products in the queue which can then be sorted within a Queue.

Note: This feature is not available in all systems and is depended on your package, please contact support@corebridge.net if you are interested in adding this feature or to confirm if you have the feature. 

Table of Contents

Queue Prioritization Setup

  1. To set up your customized queue prioritization go to Management Module > Global Settings > Production Settings > Queues > Queue Prioritization Settings.

  2. Click + Add Responsibility.

  3. Enter the Label for the responsibility you are creating (Department, Person, Group, etc.)

  4. Select the Corresponding Color (if desired) that you want to assign to the Label.

  5. Select any Substatus Associations that apply to the label (optional).

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click on the arrows to specify which order you want the Responsibilities to appear in when you’re in the queues.


    NOTE:  Queues are automatically organized by Product Due Date. If a product has been assigned a Responsibility (color) and/or a Priority Number, simply click on the far left column header to reorder the list.


Adding & Editing a Responsibility

  1. Navigate to the Sales, Design, or Production Queues.
  2. Click on the box under the # sign.

  3. Select a Responsibility from the dropdown menu.

  4. Type in a Priority Number.

  5. Click Save.

    Tip: You can also click on the box to the left of a product to quickly add or change the Priority Number and Responsibility.

Organizing the Queues by Responsibility 

After you have assigned priorities to your jobs, you can organize the Queues based on responsibility.  

Sorting the Queues by Responsibility

Jobs in the Queues are sorted by Due Date by default. Click on the header with the # symbol to sort products by Responsibility and Priority Number.  

Filtering by Responsibility  

You can also filter the jobs in the Queues by their assigned responsibility. Selecting a responsibility from the dropdown menu will filter the Queues and display only the jobs with that responsibility assigned.