Proofs are uploaded on a product-by-product basis through the Digital Work Order/Product View Page. This page is commonly accessed through any of the queues in the Sales or Design Modules.
Products move through the workflow independently, so each product proof must be uploaded individually.


    NOTE:  To see all product proofs for the entire order, go to the Order View Page. 

To upload a product proof, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Module and the Queue you need and click on the Invoice # of the individual product to bring up the Product View Page.


  2. Click Choose File to browse through your folders and select the file you want to upload.

    NOTE:  The supported file extensions are .jpg, .png, .tif, and .pdf. All proofs below 1MB will not be compressed, any above 1MB will be compressed until they are under 2 MB. PDF files are not compressed. No file > 28.6 MB can be uploaded. Raster image files cannot have a width or height exceeding 20,000 pixels.

  3. Once you have selected a file, click Upload Proof.


  4. Once your proof has been successfully uploaded, you will see a preview of it. (See image below)

  5. Change the product status to WIP : Awaiting Customer Approval and add a substatus if needed. The proof can now be reviewed by your customer through their customer portal.

        NOTE:  If you have access to the Management Module, you can review the How to Create Substatuses guide in the Help Tab for more information. 

  6. To notify your customer that a product proof is available to review, you must click on the green envelope icon that appears next to the product status to send an email to your customer alerting them that the proof is ready to view.


Review these additional Product Proof features above:

  • (A) You can add a proof description here.
  • (B) Click here to remove the proof if needed. 
  • (C) Click Summary to view the time your staff has tracked for this job.

        NOTE:  In the Design Module, there is a Start/Stop time button you can use to track your time. 

  • (D) When you add a note for the Sales, Design, or Production departments, they will see it internally. If you add a Customer note, your contacts will see it in their Customer Portal. If you subscribe to the Vendor Portal feature, you can select Vendor and your suppliers will be able to see the note in their portal.

        NOTE:  New notes can always be added, but existing notes cannot be edited. 
  • (E) You can select a designer here.
  • (F) To see all the products on this order, click Order View which will take you to the Order View Page.


  • (G) From the Order View Page, you can click on the image below to enlarge the proof. 

  • (H) If you navigate to the queues in the Sales, Design, or Production modules, you can also see the product proof. Clicking on the icon will enlarge the proof for you to review.