To access the time clock, log into the CoreBridge Management System then click on your username located at the top right of the screen where it says Welcome, xxxxx (xxxxx being replaced with your actual username).



This will take you to the User Preferences page. On the Preferences Home is the Time Clock. You can CLOCK IN or CLOCK OUT directly from this page.



If there is an error on the timestamp, you can add an Entry Note with a Change Request which will allow a supervisor with access to the Users section of the Management Module to make any necessary adjustments to the entires.
Note: You can only add entry notes and change requests to Today's entries.

You can also just add an Entry Note with a Note Only if no adjustment is needed but you need to communicate something about the time entry. To do this, click Add under the Entry Note column of the entry you want to add a note to.



Then select either a Note Only or a Change Request, enter the details, then click Save Entry Note.