There are two categories of credit card transactions in CoreBridge, offline and online. The properties of each category apply to both payments and refunds. This article covers the differences between the two and a related management module setting.

Note:  CoreBridge supports the processing of Credit Cards through multiple integrations.

Offline Credit Card Transactions

This option will NOT process a payment into your merchant account. This option is used to track credit card transactions that are processed outside of CoreBridge.

Online Credit Card Transaction

This option WILL process transactions through your integrated merchant services provider account. This option is only available after a merchant service provider integration has been activated in your system.

Note: CoreBridge is not able to process over-payments when using the online credit card option. If you are receiving an overpayment from your customer and need to use the online credit card option as a form of payment, you will need to apply the full amount to an invoice first. You can then process a refund to an in-store credit after the online credit card payment has batched. 

Management Module Setting

There is only one setting related to credit card transaction categories. It is found here Management Module > Global Settings > System > Payments.

The check box labeled “Hide Offline Credit Card Option when Merchant Integration Active” will hide the offline transaction option if you are actively integrated with a merchant service provider.

Note:  If you choose to allow both online and offline transactions in your system, be sure to train all employees on the difference as they imply two entirely different behaviors.



What if I mistakenly enter a payment as offline but meant to use online?

Refund the original transaction to credit card (offline) and then re-enter the payment as online.

What if I mistakenly enter a payment as online but meant to use offline?

Refund the original transaction to credit card (online) and then re-enter the payment as offline.