Enabling Personalized Email Addresses will allow you to determine on a user-by-user basis what the reply-to email address should be when emails are sent from the system.

This feature has a 2-step check process. If either of the checks fails, then the reply-to email address is always the default email address set on the system. If both checks pass, then the reply-to email address is that which is assigned to the user sending the email. This makes it so that each user can send emails directly from the system and have the reply-to showing it was sent from their own email address rather than a generic email address.

NOTE:  Before you can use this functionality, you must have configured your custom outgoing email domain as outlined in the Custom Outgoing Email Domain article.

To enable Personalized Email Addresses for your users, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Global Settings > Domain > Email Settings tab, then check the box labeled Enable Personalized Email Addresses and click the Save Settings button.


  2. Navigate to Management Module > Users > Select User > User Information tab, then under the Company Email check the box labeled Use in Customer Communication and click the Save All User Settings button.



Repeat step 2 for each user that you want to enable Personalized Email Addresses for. Once activated, any email sent by this user will use their Company Email address listed in their User Information as the outgoing email address on the email.