When setting up your system you can determine the starting invoice number. This number may continue from where your previous Point of Sale (POS) system left off, or you may choose to have it start with a completely new set of numbers. The invoice number can also be adjusted at any time when using the system.

Setting Your Invoice Number

You can set up the numbering for your system, or adjust the numbering in your system at any time. This is controlled in your Management Module > Global Settings > Pricing Settings > Pricing Settings.

  1. The Current Invoice Number is the number of the last created Invoice. The Next Desired Invoice Number is the number that will be used on the next created Estimate or Order.
  2. Under the heading area Invoice Numbering you can enter your next desired invoice number. Note:  There is an 11-character limit. This will include your prefix. For example, if you were to use invoice numbering “INV – 100000” this is 12 characters long and would not be valid. If you were to use the invoice numbering “I – 100000” this only takes 10 of the 11 character slots.
  3. After setting your next desired invoice number in the available box save settings.


Setting Prefixes for Estimates // Invoices // POs

You can change the prefix for your Estimates, Orders, and Purchase Orders in Management Module > Locations > Manage Locations > Location & Company. Then select the location you wish to manage.

Your prefix will change to reflect the status of your job. If it is an estimate it will use the Estimate Prefix until the time that it is converted to an order, at which time the prefix will update to the Invoice Prefix.

NOTE:  Keep in mind that your set prefix will also factor into the length of your invoice number. There is an 11-character limit for invoice numbers.

  1. Set the values you’d like for the Invoice Prefix, Estimate Prefix, and PO Prefix.
  2. After setting your Invoice Prefix, Estimate Prefix and PO Prefix make sure that you click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.