The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Settings are customized tools that help your salespeople maintain good relationships with their contacts.

This article will cover the following topics:

Optional classification systems provide an easy way to sort customers, and the automated systems create reminders—set to your specifications—which help salespeople follow up with their clients.

Creating System Events

System Events are automatic events that remind you to follow up with a contact after the first order is completed or to reach out to them on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

To add an event, navigate to the Management Module > Customers > CRM > Event Creator > System Events and follow these steps:

  1. Check the events you would like to be reminded about.
  2. Click Manage Settings to select when you will be alerted.
  3. Select all the time frames that you want to use to follow up with your contacts.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Save Settings.

NOTE:  Events will show up automatically in your CRM list and be filtered by the salesperson who originally sold that order.


Creating Custom CRM Events

If you are using the CRM feature in your Management System, you can create customer events for your users to select from in the Sales Module.

To create custom events, navigate to the Management Module > Customers > CRM > Event Creator > Custom Events and use the following features:

  • (A) Type in the Event Name you want, then click Add.
  • (B) You can change an existing event by clicking Edit, updating the name, then clicking Save
  • (C) You may want to delete certain custom events. To do this, check the box next to any Current Custom Events, then click Delete Selected Events.


Creating Contact Statuses

In CoreBridge, you can create any status you’d like to label various contacts, helping you sort or classify them easily.

To create a status, navigate to the Management Module > Customers > CRM > Contact Status and use the following features:

  • (A) Enter the name of the List Item you want to create and click Add
  • (B) You can delete any Status Name by clicking the red X.


Creating Job Authorities

Job Authorities are an optional tag used to classify your contacts’ responsibilities at their company so that you can quickly determine who has decision-making abilities.

To create Job Authorities, navigate to the Management Module > Customers > CRM > List Manger and use the following features:

  • (A) Check this box if you want to require a job description to be selected for each job authority name then click Save Settings.
  • (B) To add a new option enter the name of the job authority here, then click Add.
  • (C) You can change an existing job authority by clicking Edit, updating the name, and then click Save.
  • (D) To delete an option, check the box next to any Current Options, then click Delete Selected Options.