CoreBridge allows users with System Administrator rights or with access to the Management Module and the Access to Users tab access right enabled can make adjustments to time clock entries. This way errors to time clock entries can be corrected.

This article covers the following topics:

Change Requests

An overview of all user’s status and Change Requests is available by going to Management Module > Users > Time Tracking. From there you can review each user’s Time Clock Status, Job Status, and Action needed.

For a Change Request, click on the entry, which will take you to the User Time Tracking Details view.



The User Time Tracking Details page is divided into two sections, Action Requested and Historical Entries. The Action Requested will display any entries where the user has requested a change be made. 

By hovering over the magnifying glass to the right of edit, you can quickly review the note that was included in the Change Request.



To make a change to the entry, click on edit. This will bring up a modal allowing you to adjust the date/time, add an additional note, review the Change Request note from the user, and select a new Entry Note for the adjustment (Change Approved, Change Denied, Partial Approved).



Once you’ve made the necessary changes, click Save Adjustments. The change is now save and move to the Historical Entries section.

Adding a New Entry

If a user is missing a time entry, a new one can be created by clicking on + Add New Entry above the Historical Entries section.




Then a new entry can be adding using much the same steps as processing a Change Request.