Nexio is a merchant services provider that CoreBridge partners with, allowing you to process credit card transactions directly through the CoreBridge interface. Integration with Nexio will also allow your customers to pay directly through their customer portal.

This article covers the following topics:

Once your CoreBridge system is integrated with Nexio, we recommend you process all credit card transactions through CoreBridge as a credit card (online) and discontinue using your previous processor.

Please review the following support article carefully:  Credit Card Transactions - Offline vs. Online

Benefits of Integrating with Nexio

  • By integrating with Nexio, you will avoid duplicate data entry between your credit card machine and CoreBridge, speeding up workflow.
  • Because CoreBridge is cloud-based, you can accept credit card payments anywhere that you have access to the internet.
  • Nexio is very competitive on pricing and will match the rate of your existing merchant provider (if it is lower than Nexio’s published rate).
  • You can securely store customer credit card information in the system while maintaining PCI-DSS compliance. For more details, please contact Nexio. For more information:  Nexio Online Credit Card Processing.
  • Your customers can make payments directly through their CoreBridge Customer Portal.

Signup and Activation

You can initiate the Nexio integration process within your CoreBridge system by navigating to Management Module > Global Settings > Services > Merchant Enrollment. You can also visit the following website:

If you have multiple locations in CoreBridge, you can request Nexio provide you with separate integration information for each location. This would allow you to control deposits by location. Please reach out to Nexio to inquire about this using the first option as seen in the screenshot below.

NOTE:  There are two options available on the sign-up page. One allows you to get more information by filling out a form, and the other option allows you to sign-up directly at their published rates. Please see the screenshot below notating the difference between the two options.

Once the signup process is complete, Nexio will notify our staff and we will finalize the integration. We will notify you via email when the integration is complete. Once integrated, you can start processing credit card payments through Nexio / CoreBridge immediately!

        IMPORTANT NOTE:   We recommend that you reach out to start the enrollment process with Nexio, about 2 weeks prior to needing the credit card terminal. This is generally 2 weeks before you Go Live with CoreBridge. This ensures that you allow adequate time for completing the paperwork and obtaining any additional documentation that may be needed by the banks, government, etc. 

Key Concepts

After integrating, the option to enter credit card (offline) transactions may be disabled in your system. We recommend you process all credit card transactions through CoreBridge as a credit card (online) and discontinue using your previous processor.

Please review the following support article carefully: Credit Card Transactions - Offline vs. Online

WARNING:  Changes made in the Nexio portal are NOT synced to CoreBridge. All transactions should originate in CoreBridge. Do NOT enter payments, process refunds, or edit transactions through the Nexio Portal. If you do process a transaction through the Nexio Portal without specific instructions from CoreBridge Support, you may be billed for any data corrections necessary inside CoreBridge.

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If you receive an error while processing a payment or refund in CoreBridge, please email

NOTE:  Any error codes you receive can likely be researched with a quick Google search. The error codes we use are industry standard and may indicate things like “Do Not Honor” or otherwise.

For all other questions regarding Nexio (such as billing or account questions), please reach out to your Nexio sales representative or contact Nexio support: or 877.267.4324.