CoreBridge allows you to setup custom URLs for both the Management System and the Customer Portal. For example, your default domain issued by CoreBridge would be and, but you’d prefer to use your domain in the URL and have and

This process involves several steps and will require you to purchase a wildcard SSL certificate.

CoreBridge Domain Settings

To begin, navigate to the Management Module > Global Settings > Domain and the Domain Settings tab.

  1. Enter your desired custom URL in both of the 2 fields.
  2. Repeat for each location, if using multiple locations. If using the same domain for all locations, be sure that the subdomain portion is unique for each location and field.

    NOTE:  Keep in mind that you'll need a wildcard SSL for each distinct domain you use, such as and If you're using the same domain for each location, you'll only need one wildcard SSL.

    NOTE:  You can apply different branding to each location as outlined in the Managing Locations & Company Settings article.

  3. Click Save Settings.
  4. Notify CoreBridge Support at that you saved your desired custom domains and wish to receive a certificate request. This may take up to two business days to process.  

Purchase Wildcard SSL Certificate

Use the certificate request provided by CoreBridge with the SSL authority you’re using (typically your hosting provider) to purchase a wildcard SSL.


Once you’ve purchased the wildcard SSL, reply to your support ticket with CoreBridge and attach the newly purchased certificate.

After CoreBridge Support receives the new certificate, we will then activate the certificate on your account. This process may take up to 5 business days.

Create CNAME Records

For your custom URLs to work, you’ll also need to create CNAME records for each of the 3 custom URLs you’ve created in CoreBridge. To do this, you’ll need to log into your domain/web hosting provider’s account management site that controls your domain’s DNS records.

Common domain hosting providers are,,, and  We recommend you review the documentation specific to your provider.

  1. Log into your hosting provider and navigate to the section where you can manage your domain's DNS settings.
  2. Following your hosting provider's documentation, configure a new CNAME record with the following information:

    Name: Enter in the subdomain portion you entered in CoreBridge (most providers will auto-append your domain, if not, type it manually) The full name should look something like this: where is your actual domain.
    TTL: 14400
    Type: CNAME

  3. Save the entry.

    Repeat this for each of the 3 entries in the CoreBridge Management System.

NOTE:  You may need to allow up to 24 hours for changes to propagate before being able to use your new custom URLs. This normally depends on how quickly your hosting provider updates DNS records.