Sync Errors




This means that CoreBridge is not authorized with QuickBooks. If you aren't viewing the screen when the sync is running you will miss the error window because it goes away after 15 seconds or so.


1. In CoreBridge, navigate to Accounting Module > Accounting Export > Setup tab.

2. Click the Connect To QuickBooks button. 
A new window will open. You can safely ignore the warning message.

3. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account in the popup window if needed. (If QuickBooks is running in the same browser the sign-in may have been done automatically)

4. If you have access to more than one QuickBooks Online account, please choose the account that you will sync your CoreBridge data to. If the wrong account is selected, the sync will export data to the wrong account. If data syncs to the wrong account, it will need to be identified, deleted, and CoreBridge support will need have all of the incorrect records reset so that they sync to the correct account. 

5. Once the correct QuickBooks Online company is selected. click "Authorize" to complete the Authorization process.

The button may also read "CONNECT"

    6. Wait for the window to close.

    7. Click on the Continue… button and wait for the web page to refresh.
    8. Once the web page refreshes you can sync.

    If the authorization process does not work:
  • Close all tabs/browsers that are running QuickBooks Online.
  • Open a new tab/browser and sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Once you've successfully signed in to QuickBooks Online, try the re-authorization steps again.

How to use the Troubleshoot Problems button

You can use the built-in Troubleshoot Problems button to submit an error log directly to our support team. This process will automatically generate a new support ticket and a member of our support staff will help you resolve the issue.

If the Troubleshoot Problems button is not available, you can email us directly at