Pricing Templates are used with parts to provide a framework for pricing the part. One of the main elements of the pricing template is the unit of measurement. When creating a pricing template, you will select the unit of measurement used to calculate the price for the associated part.

This same setting will be used when creating a part to ensure that the same unit of measurement is being used and prevent errors when the system calculates pricing. You may wish to create multiple pricing templates that use the same pricing unit but are slightly different in functionality or appearance. When creating a part you'll first choose your pricing unit and then you can choose which pricing template to use within that unit.

Units of Measurement

  • Each
  • Hourly
  • Linear Feet
  • Vertical Feet
  • Square Feet
  • Cubic Feet
  • Linear Inches
  • Vertical Inches
  • Square Inches
  • Cubic Inches
  • Pixels

If metric is enabled in your system, the following options will also be included:
  • Linear Meters
  • Vertical Meters
  • Square Meters 
  • Cubic Meters

Pricing Template Properties

When creating and editing pricing templates, you can choose from several Standard Properties. Only the properties you select will be displayed during Order Entry.


In addition to the standard properties, you can create Custom Properties. This works the same way that custom properties work in modifiers. 

  1. Select an Interface Item (checkbox, textbox, or dropdown).  
  2. Click View Instructions for additional information.

  3. Select a value for your custom property from the dropdown menu. Values such as a Quantity can be used in your pricing formula. Information Only cannot be used in pricing.

  4. Enter a label for your custom property. Click Add Template Item.


  5. If you choose Dropdown for your interface, you will then add labels and values for your dropdown items. Click Save.

Pricing Template Formula

The Pricing Template Formula creates the formula used for calculations to price parts that use the pricing template.

Building the formula is as simple as dragging items from the Components Section into the Formula Builder.  

  • As you add components, your formula will appear in blue.
  • Clicking + add group will add an additional container for your formula. 
    • Each container will represent a new set of parentheses in your formula.
  • Hover over each component to view information on its value.
    • (A) Part information and custom properties
    • (B) Part rate and vendor cost (if using vended properties)
    • (C) Quantities 
    • (D) Additional information
  • Click Save Formula when done.

Once your pricing template is configured, you can associate it with one or more Parts or Part Groups. Be sure to always test out your pricing by using the Quick Price or Test Pricing functions in your system.