Parts are fundamental building blocks that give your system great flexibility and pricing accuracy. A Part is generally a raw material used with associated modifiers and applicable machines to create Products in CoreBridge.

    NOTE:  Before creating a part, it is helpful to first create the Machines, Modifiers, and the Pricing Template that will be associated with this part.

Part Creation:

STEP 1/3 

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Parts > Create Parts.
  2. Select the type of part you would like to create—inventoried, non-inventoried, or service item.

STEP 2/3

  1. Enter Part Name—this name only appears internally.
  2. Enter Detailed Name—this name only appears on purchase orders and vendor communication.
  3. Enter Invoice Name—this is the name that appears on invoices, estimates, and other customer communication.

  4. Enter Part Number—this is an internal identification number, NOT the vendor number. (optional)

  5. Select an Income Account.

  6. Select an Expense Account.

  7. Mark whether the part is normally taxed or not (parts are taxable by default.)    


STEP 3/3

  1. Select the Pricing Unitsshould match the pricing template you wish to use
  2. Select the Pricing Type—Cost-Plus or Market-Based
  3. Enter your Base Cost (and Retail Cost if Market-Based)
  4. Select a Pricing Template—only templates using the selected pricing unit will be available in the dropdown
  5. Select if the Material for your part is a sheet stock, roll stock, or other
  6. Enter the Parent Size—the overall size of the stock when you receive it from the vendor
  7. Enter additional part characteristics (optional)
  8. Click Create Part

Once you have created your part, you'll have additional settings available to you which will be covered further in Part Settings.

    NOTE:  It may be helpful to create a test part and practice using different scenarios until you're more comfortable creating parts. You can always delete this part when you're done practicing.

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