Part Groups are used to quickly assign common settings across all parts in a group. Part Groups are a Management tool and will not be visible outside of the Management Module. A part can only be assigned to a single Part Group. A part does not need to be in a group. Typically, if it has unique settings, it will not be in a group. When a part is added to a group, it will share group settings. The shared settings are the ones found in the tabbed section below the part name list, as shown below.  

NOTE:  If parts do not share all of these shared settings, they should not be grouped. For example, Part Categories are used for labeling parts to be easily found in Order Entry. If the Parts require different Part Categories. they should be placed in different Part Groups.  

Adding a Part to a Group:

  1. Select a Part that does not belong to a group
  2. Click + Add To Group.

  3. Choose the Group you want to add it to.
  4. Click Save.
        NOTE: This part will inherit the group settings from its new group.

Removing and Re-assigning Parts 

Parts can be removed from a group or re-assigned to a new group from the Part Settings window

  • (A) Click Remove From Group to remove a part from its current group 
    • The part will not be associated to any group  
  • (B) Click Re-assign Group to move a from its current group to another group
    • A window will appear, allowing you to choose the new group for your part
    • The part will move into that group and use the group's shared settings

Managing Groups

Click the Manage Groups link to add, delete, or rename groups:

NOTE:  Click Save Group List to save any changes made in Manage Groups 


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