Cloning a part is a quick way to create similar parts. The system will create a replica of the original part with the word "Clone" after the Part Name. You will be prompted to change the Part Settings of the newly cloned part to match your new desired part. Navigate to Management Module > Parts > Manage Parts.

Cloning a Part

  1. Select an existing part from the list of parts.
  2. Click the Clone Part 

  3. The Clone Part window will appear.
  4. This form will be pre-populated with details from the part you are cloning, you will need to adjust this information with the details for your new part
  5. Click Clone.

    NOTE:  If you are cloning a part that belongs to a part group, the new cloned part will automatically be added to the group. If you want the new part to be created outside of the group, uncheck the Keep Part In Group box.

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