Associating Vendors to Parts allows you to enter certain vendor information on individual parts, including vendor name, vendor part number, and purchasing information. Purchasing information is used to calculate costs. An average cost can be calculated if multiple vendors are associated with a part. These calculated costs can optionally be used as your part's base cost.  

NOTE:  Vendors can be managed through the Purchasing Module > Vendors. The Purchasing Module is not available with all packages. If you do not have access to the Purchasing module, you can still create and associate vendors with individual parts through the Management Module. For more information about the Purchasing Module, please contact support.

Steps to Associating a Vendor to a Part

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Parts > Manage Parts
  2. Click + Associate Vendor 


  3. Select Vendor by searching for an existing vendor

    Note:  New vendors can be added by clicking the + sign next to the search bar

  4. If entering multiple vendors, choose the Preferred vendor

  5. Enter all vendor Information for the part.

     Note:  If you enter a Vendor Part Number or a Vendor Price here, it will auto-populate when creating Vendor Purchase Orders.


  6. If you have a single vendor for this part, you may check Connect to Part Base Cost if you want to replace the part cost you have already entered with the vendor cost shown here. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked and the price will remain unchanged.

  7. If you have multiple vendors for this part, you may check Connect to Part Base Cost on each vendor to connect an average cost to the part.
  8. Click Save & Close.