In CoreBridge, products are the equivalent of line items in most other systems. They contain the parts necessary to build the finished product for the customer and some or all of those parts may have modifiers associated with them. Each of the sections below explains the concepts of products, parts, and modifiers in detail.


A Product is made up of one or more Parts and represents a single deliverable item that will be received by the customer. Multiple Products can be created for a single Order or Estimate. The quantity of products can be any positive number and is set at the time of Product creation. Products can only be created through the Sales Module in a specific Order or Estimate by adding pre-existing Parts. Customers and all CoreBridge users can see Products.


A Part is the basic building block of a Product. A Part is anything that could be sold by itself. Multiple Parts can be combined to create a more complex Product. Each Part is independently priced and the sum of each Part of the same Product becomes that Products price. Parts also can have a quantity of any positive number and can be set when the Part is added to a Product (if enabled).

The Part Quantity is always based on a Product Quantity of 1. The Part Quantity is multiplied by the Product Quantity to return a Total Quantity Needed. For instance, if you had a Product with a quantity of 2 and a Part assigned to it with a quantity of 4, this would tell the user that each Product uses 4 of that Part and a total of 8 of that Part must be produced to complete that Product.

A Part can optionally have multiple Modifiers that may or may not affect the Part. Parts can only be created through the Management Module. Only CoreBridge users can see Parts and only CoreBridge users given access rights can edit Part pricing and components.


A Modifier is an optional add-on to a Part that modifies the way it is produced and/or its price in some way. A Modifier is something that could not be generally sold by itself. An example of this would be rounded corners. Multiple Modifiers can be added to a single Part as options for the user to choose from when creating a Product. Modifiers can only be created through the Management Module. Only CoreBridge users can see Modifiers and only CoreBridge users with access to the Management Module can edit Modifier pricing and components.