The Product Category is a list that will allow you to track what "finished products" your customers are purchasing. When enabled in your system, the dropdown list allows for selection on each product during Step 2 of order entry. 

NOTE:  This field can be set as a required field on order entry if desired. 

EXAMPLE:  If you're selling Coroplast, selecting the Product Category allows you to track it by the category it's being associated with, an A-frame product, or Real Estate sign, etc.

Managing Product Categories

NOTE:  Product Category selection is an optional use within your system. Customization of product categories may be unavailable depending on your organization. Please contact support@corebridge.net for more information. 

To manage, navigate to Management Module > Global Settings > Ordering > Product Categories.

  • (A) Show Product Category during order entry:  Select this box to allow the drop down list to appear during order entry. It will not be required to be selected unless you check the "Require Product Category during order entry" box below.
  • (B) Require Product Category during order entry:  Select this box to require a selection to be made from the Product Category list. With this checked, users will not be able to save the product without a selection being made.

Add Product Category:  Here you can customize the Product Category listing in your system.  

  • (C) To Add a new Category:  Enter the name in the Category Name box, and select Add New Category. (Do not select anything from the Parent list)
  • (D) To Add a sub-category:  Enter the name in the Category Name box, then select the Parent Category from the listing, and select Add New Category.
  • (E) To Edit / Rename:  In the Current Product Categories list, click Edit to the right of the category name. Next, edit the name, and click save.
  • (F) To Delete from the Current Product Categories list:  Check the box to the left of the product categories that you wish to delete, then select Delete Selected Categories.

Reporting:  Sales by Product Category Report

In addition to the ability to report by part (or raw material), this report gives you the ability to get data on customized categories. To access, Navigate to Reports Module > Sales > Sales by Product Category

You have 3 report options: 

  • (A) Summary will show total sales amount for each Product Category. 
    • NOTE:  Subcategories do not appear in reports.
  • (B) Detail will break these down by invoice.
  • (C) Drilldown allows you to show/hide information as desired.


When reviewing your report:  Orders categorized as Unassigned indicates that a Product Category was NOT selected during order entry.