Your system allows you to set localization settings that affect address validation, phone validation, measurement units, currency settings, and date format. This allows you to configure your system based on the needs for your specific region.

All of these settings can be found under Management > Global Settings > System > Localization

NOTE:  You must click Save Settings to save any changes made to these settings

Address Validation 

Under the Address Validation section, you have the option to validate for United States or Canadian addresses. Select the countries you want to validate for and allow in your system. To allow for non-US or Canadian addresses, select the Allow Free-Form Entry option.  

    NOTE:  Selecting the Allow Free-Form Entry option will turn off all address validation in your system. 

Phone Validation

Phone numbers can also be validated in your CoreBridge system. Currently, the only option for phone number validation is for North American formats. To remove validation on phone numbers and allow for non-North American entries you can select the Allow Free-Form Entry option under the Phone Validation section. Please remember that these are global settings and will apply to all address and phone inputs in your system.

Measurement Units

Select Imperial, Metric, or Both. When selecting both, please select your preferred unit of measurement form the dropdown menu.

Currency Settings

Select your active currency from the dropdown menu.

Date Format 

Select your preferred date format from the dropdown menu.


    NOTE:  The date format set here ONLY applies to dates visible in your system interface. The dates on all reports, invoices, etc. are based on the standardized regional settings for the currency selected.