Destinations is an additional feature available with your CoreBridge subscription. This feature is typically not enabled by default, but you can request to have it enabled at no additional charge. Please contact to have it enabled. 

In CoreBridge, Destinations includes Shipments, Deliveries, Installations, and Pickups.

Benefits of Using Destinations

  • Allows users to select multiple destination methods & addresses for a single order.
    For example, a single order could include three Pickups, two Shipments, a Delivery, and an Installation.

  • Enables Product Quantities to be split between different Destination addresses.
    For example, if you have 5 Total Qty posters produced on an order, 1 (Used Qty) can be shipped to one Destination and 4 (Used Qty) can be delivered to another.

  • Products are assigned to a single status of BUILT. When a product is finished, it is marked BUILT, and then managed by its Destination in the Queues.
  • Production Module Queues now show each Destination separately. BUILT Queues change from Product based to Destination Based. The green circled number represents the number of Destinations which are ready in each Queue.

  • Optional:  You can also choose to integrate the XPS Ship feature which allows you to ship right from your CoreBridge system, including printing the shipping label. XPS Ship with Destinations allows your address information from CoreBridge to automatically be brought into the XPS Ship service. It also allows the shipping charges & tracking information from XPS Ship to be brought back into CoreBridge automatically.

Want to learn more? Click here to learn how to use Destinations in your CoreBridge system.