With Destinations enabled in CoreBridge, you can have a single order with multiple Destinations, including Shipment, Delivery, Pickup, and Installation. This article will cover the steps necessary to create Destinations within your CoreBridge system.

If you're not familiar with Destinations, click here for an overview.

NOTE:  Destinations is an additional feature included with your subscription of CoreBridge. This feature is not enabled by default, but you can request to have it enabled by CoreBridge Support at no additional charge.

Creating/Editing Destinations

  1.  Navigate to the Sales Module > Order View > Address Info. (You do not need to be in Order Edit to create/edit destinations). 
  2.  Select + Create Destination to create a new Destination, or Edit to update an existing destination.

  3.  When editing or creating a Destination, first, you will select the Address Type—or type of destination (Pickup, Delivery,  Shipment, or Installation).  

    • If you choose Pickup, Delivery or Installation, select the date and time your product should arrive.
    • If you choose Shipment, select the date and time your product should ship. Then select the third party carrier you wish to use and the type of service.
  4.  Next update the Destination Description, if needed. By default, this will be the Order Description.
  5.  Under Manage Product Quantity, be sure the Used Qty is the number of products that are going to this destination. For example, If you have 5 Total Qty posters on an order and 3 are being shipped to this destination, enter "3" as the Used Qty.  

  6.  Next, under Address, the address information will automatically default to the contact information on the order. To use a manually entered address, select "Dropship" or "Other" from the dropdown menu under Location, and then enter the destination's address.

  7.  Lastly, add any Notes for this destination and click Save.