Hosted refers to software installed on a remote server that is managed by a commercial entity in the business of providing server space for multiple businesses (hosting provider).

The CoreBridge automated sync to QuickBooks Desktop requires the use of our sync software. Hosting providers must lock down their servers as well as the individual desktops they are selling to their customers for security reasons. Due to the security that hosting providers must implement, the sync software that needs to be installed on the same desktop as QuickBooks cannot always be installed. In addition to server security, hosting providers implement strict security on their firewalls which can also adversely affect the communication from the sync software to your CoreBridge system. 

The Desktop Sync Tool is not supported for hosted environments. The same holds true for hosting providers authorized to participate in the Intuit Hosting Program. This is considered hosted and therefore is not supported with the Desktop Sync Tool.

If by chance, the sync software can be installed, we cannot guarantee that the security restrictions in place will not affect the sync software adversely. If you attempt to install it on a hosted server and get errors you will need to use IIF files to import your CoreBridge data to QuickBooks with Lump Sync.

If you're willing to accept the unknown risks and consequences related to hosting and wish to use the automated CoreBridge Desktop Sync Tool, you will need to work directly with the technical support department from your hosting provider in regards to the sync software. CoreBridge support will not be able to interact with the hosting provider.

Hosted does not always imply remote access:

  • If your QuickBooks desktop software is installed on your home computer and you access it remotely from your office, that would not be considered hosted.
  • If your QuickBooks desktop software is installed on your office computer and your bookkeeper/CPA accesses it remotely from their office, that would not be considered hosted.
  • QuickBooks Online is considered web-based, not hosted.