XPS Ship is a multi-carrier shipping provider that CoreBridge integrates with, allowing you to easily process shipping on your CoreBridge orders.  

Integration with XPS will allow your staff to print shipping labels for orders and bring the shipments tracking number and cost back into your CoreBridge system.  

This article covers the following topics:

Benefits of Integrating with XPS

  • By integrating with XPS, users are able to print shipping labels.  
  • Shipment details entered into CoreBridge are brought into XPS, avoiding the need to re-enter shipping addresses into a different website.
  • XPS Ship allows you to compare shipping rates, types, & carriers on a single screen. 
  • Set a default markup on your shipping costs, which is automatically added to the order in CoreBridge. You can also manually adjust the shipping if needed.

Signup and Activation

You can enroll in XPS Ship by navigating to Management Module > Global Settings > Services, and clicking Enroll Now.

NOTE:  The Destinations feature must be enabled in your system for this to show. If you do not see this, please contact our Support department to have this enabled in your system.

Next, the Enrollment Settings screen will open. Here enter the Email and Password you wish to use for your XPSship.com account. The system will default a User Name based on your CoreBridge username, but this can be adjusted as needed.

Mailing Address and Billing Address information is pulled from your location settings found in Management Module > Locations > Manage Locations. The default addresses can be adjusted as needed. Then click Create.

CoreBridge / XPS Integration Settings

Once the XPS account has been created, the Manage Services section will now show CoreBridge Integration Settings option. Click on that button.

Here you're able to set up how you want shipping costs from XPS to be handled when they are brought back into CoreBridge.

1.  Select from the following options:

  • Do nothing with the invoice—shipping costs will not be added to the invoice in CoreBridge.
  • Add the costs with no markup to the Invoice—shipping costs will be added to the invoice, but no markup will be added to the costs.
  • Add a flat amount markup to the invoice—set a flat amount which will be added to the shipping costs when added to the invoice within CoreBridge.
  • Add a percentage markup to the invoice—set a percentage markup which will be added to the shipping costs when added to the invoice within CoreBridge.
  • Add a margin to the invoice—set a margin which will be added to the shipping costs when added to the invoice within CoreBridge.

2.  If you have opted to add a $ or % to the costs, enter the amount here.

3.  Click Save Settings.

Success! You are now ready to use Destinations & XPS functionality within your CoreBridge system.


If you have any questions about Destinations within your system, please email support@corebridge.net. For all other questions regarding XPSship (such as billing or account questions) please visit https://xpsship.com. XPS can also be reached by phone at 800-881-0288 or email: info@XPSship.com