Parts are the key component to building Products in CoreBridge. Each Part has two types of settings; Individual Part settings and Part Group Settings. To view or edit these Part Settings, Navigate to Management Module > Parts > Manage Parts. Click on the part you wish to edit. 

Part Settings

Each part has individual Part Settings, such as the part name, cost, characteristics etc. These settings are independent of part group settings. To view or edit these settings click on Part Settings.

Part Settings window  

  • Hover over the blue question marks for additional information on each item.  
  • Enable Part Minimums allows you to set minimum retail values for each part in your system. The system will check these values against the calculated retail value. The greater value will always be used.  
    • Minimum Per Quantity sets minimum retail per part quantity 
    • Part Total Minimum sets a total retail part mimimum  
  • Click Re-assign Group to assign or reassign a part to a part group

Part Group Settings

Each Part also has a series of Part Group Settings, organized by tabs. If the part doesn't belong to a group, these settings will only apply to that part. If the part is in a group, these setting are shared across all parts in that group. Additional information on grouping parts can be found in Part Groups.

When creating or editing a part, go through each tab one by one. Blue question marks are located throughout each tab, providing additional information about each item.  

NOTE:  On the General, Pricing Tiers, and Due Date tabs, you must hit the Save Settings to save changes