Are you looking to increase the power of the Destinations module in CoreBridge to reduce error, time wasted, and ultimately costs of shipping? 

If so, we recommend that you explore our integration with XPSship (XPS). XPS offers a web-based multi-carrier shipping solution which seamlessly integrates with CoreBridge. It quickly extracts incoming orders and lets you browse and compare multiple carriers’ discounted shipping rates. It allows you to put your focus back on your business letting XPS save you time, money, and headaches. 

Learn more about features and capabilities by visiting www.xpsship.com

NOTE:  Shipments are referred to as Destinations within CoreBridge, these words may be used interchangeably.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to the integration with CoreBridge. If your question is not discussed in this article, please email our support team for further assistance at support@corebridge.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is there a cost to integrate with XPS?

A:  There is no additional module cost from CoreBridge or XPS to utilize their services.

Q:  How do I sign-up with XPS and enable the integration?

A:  Within CoreBridge navigate to Management > Global Settings > Services. You can enroll (sign-up) with XPS from there.


Q:  What shipping services are available through XPS? 

A:  You can select from UPS, FedEx, USPS (United States Postal Service) and DHL (for international shipments). XPS can also help you with freight shipments, but it would be handled outside of your CoreBridge system and manually entered in the Shipping area of Step 3 of your CoreBridge invoice.

Q:  When I setup my account with XPS will I be using my existing FedEx and UPS account numbers?

A:  You will no longer use your current account numbers. All shipping will go through your new XPS account.

Q:  Are the XPS rates competitive?

A:  Yes, because of the volume of shipping that XPS handles for all of its customers they are able to offer discounted rates from the major shipping carriers. 

Q:  Can I estimate shipping costs for an order?

A:  The "Quick Quote" button located at the top right corner of your XPS page will allow you to calculate a price based on Sender Zip code and Receiver Zip code. You can then select a service and get a quote based on the box size and weight.

Q:  How does the tracking information and costs appear in my CoreBridge system?

A:  Once the shipment has been processed through the XPS site, the system will automatically bring tracking information into your CoreBridge system. It will also transfer the shipping costs based on how you have set your integration settings in the Management Module. Review Completed Shipments in CoreBridge section of the following article:  Destinations - Using XPS Integration in Shipping Queues


    This information can be viewed on the Order View > Address Info tab and expand the destination that has been completed.

  • Destination Info Carrier & Service Type is set when editing a destination.
  • Shipping Info is transferred from XPS, and includes Tracking #, Carrier, Shipping Cost and Shipping Retail.
  • Shipping Retail can be manually overridden by clicking on the text Shipping Retail.

Q:  Can I schedule a pickup?

A:  When logged into your XPS account, create a new shipment on an order. After clicking on the red SHIP button, the label will pop up on-screen to be printed. Close this screen to see the Pickup options. From your XPS account page, you can also navigate to the Pickup tab. If you have a shipment scheduled with a carrier, you can select Schedule Pickup For Selected Shipments.

Q:  Can I cancel a shipping label?

A:  Navigate to Production Module > Shipping > Shipping History. You will be re-directed to your XPS account page, History Tab. Locate the Shipment, and cancel by clicking the drop down on the left-hand side.

Q:  Does the system allow you to print packing slips that accurately reflect the items and quantities included in a shipment (destination)?

A:  Yes, XPS has the ability to generate a packing slip based on the products in that shipment (destination). You can also use the packing slips available in CoreBridge for each destination.

Q:  Is there an import capability to mass import a list of addresses?

A:  Yes, XPS support this feature via a CSV (comma separated values) integration. Please contact XPS for more information on setting up this capability.

Q:  When will the shipment (destination) status in CoreBridge be updated?

A:  The destination status will automatically update to Completed once all shipping labels are created in XPS.

Q:  When will the order shipment (destination) information be available within XPS to calculate the shipping cost?

A:  The shipment (destination) information is available when all the products associated with that destination have been marked Built.

Q:  Is there a way to give an estimate for shipping before the order is created or marked Built?

A:  Yes, within XPS you can calculate a custom quote by entering your shipment information directly in XPS. This includes the address, packaging, and shipping service type. 

Q:  When addresses are updated in XPS are updated in CoreBridge as well?

A:  The address changes will be retained in XPS however they will not be available within CoreBridge.