Vendors can be imported into your system. 

Additional contacts can be added to existing vendors.

Excel templates have been provided below. To import vendor information, navigate to:

  • Management Module > Vendors > Importing.


  • When importing new vendors, the system cannot compare names between vendors that already exist in your system and the name being used on the import. If there is an existing vendor in CoreBridge and you import the same vendor but the name has a different spelling, you will end up with duplicate vendors in CoreBridge. For example:
    • CoreBridge has a vendor named "Grimco"
    • You import a vendor named "grimco.com"
    • Both vendors will exist in CoreBridge


  1. Click on the green arrow for the import type you wish to use.

  2. Open the matching template excel file provided below.
  3. Enter the vendor information into the excel template.

    NOTE:  Columns with a * are required fields  

  4. Copy the rows in your Excel template. Paste the copied information into the matching rows in your system.

  5. Click Import
    • If the Import is successful, a success message will appear.
    • If the import is unsuccessful, a message in red will indicate the row number(s) and reason(s) for the unsuccessful import.

              NOTE:  For best results do not import more than 75-150 rows at one time.


  • Vendor Import 
    • Vendor Type MUST match existing vendor types in the system 
  • Vendor Additional Contacts 
    • Vendor Name MUST match an existing Vendor in the system
    • Additional Phone Type MUST read Toll-Free Number, Additional Phone, or Additional Fax