The Resource Scheduling feature adds the Scheduling tab to the Sales, Design, and Production Queues. These calendars are shared across all users in your CoreBridge System. 

NOTE:  If you do not have this feature and are interested in adding it to your system, please contact for additional details.

This article will cover the following topics:

Custom calendars are additional shared calendars that you can create for your specific uses as part of the Resource Scheduling functionality.

Enabling Machine Calendars

The first step to using machine calendars is to set production hours in CoreBridge. Then you must click Enable Calendar Scheduling in the setting for each machine that you wish to automatically schedule. Once, enabled the system will automatically schedule jobs when orders are entered.

Setting Production Hours Start Times 

  1. Navigate to Managment Module > Global Settings > Company Information > Hours of Operation.
  2. Check the box next to the days you are open for production.
  3. Enter your production start time for each day.
  4. Click Save Settings.

Enabling Calendar Scheduling

  1. Navigate to Management Module > Machines > Manage Machines and select a machine.
  2. Check to Enable Calendar Scheduling.
  3. Click Save Settings.

Using Machine Calendars 

Once you have enabled the above settings, you can start using the machine scheduling calendars.  

When you create an order in CoreBridge with an assigned machine:

  • The system will automatically schedule each job associated with this machine.
  • Scheduled use time will be the setup time entered for the machine profile plus the calculated runtime from the machine's profile speed settings. 
  • Jobs are automatically scheduled on the machine for the next available production day following the assigned Design Due Date.

    NOTE:  Products marked as Is Vended during order entry will not automatically appear on the Machine Scheduling.

Viewing Machine Calendars

  • Machine Calendars can be accessed from the Sales, Design, and Production Queues on the Scheduling tab. Select a machine from the dropdown menu to view its calendar.

  • This will open the calendar for the selected machine. 

    • (A) Add a new event to this calendar.

    • (B) Toggle to view Day, Week, or Month.

    • (C) Hover over the Blue Question Mark to view the Color Legend for events on the calendar.

Editing Individual Events on the Calendar

  1. Click on the event. A speech bubble will appear. Click either the Invoice number or Edit Details.

  2. Edit your event. Click Save to save any changes.
    • (A) Edit the Event title 
    • (B) Edit the Time 
    • (C) Add comments

Custom Calendars

Custom Calendars are additional calendars in the Scheduling tab. Create a custom calendar to add and organize other events in your organization. 

NOTE:  Events are not automatically scheduled on the custom calendars.

Creating a Custom Calendar

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling tab on the Sales, Design, or Production Queues. Click Other Calendars.

  2. A window will appear. Enter a name for your new Calendar.  
  3. Click Add.

  4. The new calendar name will be added to the list of current calendars. Click Save Calendar List.

Adding new events

  1. Select a Calendar from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click New Event.

  3. Enter the subject of the event and assign a color.
  4. Edit the time of the event.
  5. Add a location for the event.
  6. Add any additional notes.
  7. Click Save.