This article covers the steps to import your Customer Data list from Casper into CoreBridge.

Exporting your Casper Customer Data

  1. All users must save their work and close out of Casper
  2. Login to the Casper and navigate to the reports section
  3. Export your customer and contact list from Casper 
  4. Follow the step below to upload the files to CoreBridge for import. 

Preparing the Customer List for Import into CoreBridge

After you have successfully exported the files from Casper you should upload them to https://corebridge.sharefile.com/filedrop. Our team will extract the customer & contact data to prepare it for import into CoreBridge.

Import Assistance

If you require any assistance with formatting and/or importing your customer data into CoreBridge, please reach out to our support department by emailing support@corebridge.net.