This article covers the steps to import your Customer Data list from Activity into CoreBridge.

Exporting your Activity POS Customer Data

  1. All users must save their work and close out of Activity POS. 
  2. If you are using Activity POS version 6 or prior then your data should be located in a Microsoft Access database. 
    1. Generally that file is located under C:\POS\ but could be in other locations on your server computer depending on the location that was chosen during the install of Activity POS. 
    2. Once you have located the install folder for Activity POS, find the file named pos-32.mdb.
      Note:  This file normally contains all your data but in some instances this file may have been renamed to <>.mdb. If you have multiple files, be sure to upload them all and our staff can check them to determine which file is the most relevant and up-to-date.
  3. If you are using Activity POS version 7 or later then your data has likely been transferred into a Microsoft SQL Server database. 
    1. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio (SSMS)
    2. Log into Microsoft SQL Server when prompted.
    3. Expand the Databases section.
    4. Locate the two SQL databases utilized for Activity POS.
      Database 1: Is generally the name of your business.
      Database 2:  activity_language
    5. Right-click on each of these databases and perform a full backup of the database files.
      Note: Be sure to save them in a location that you remember since you'll need create a .zip archive of those two files in the next step.
  4. Once you have located all of the necessary files, please compress them into a zip archive to reduce the overall size of your upload. 
  5. Rename the zip archive to include the CoreBridge URL, as doing so will help CoreBridge will identify your location. 

Preparing the Customer List for Import into CoreBridge

After you have successfully exported the files from Activity POS you should upload them to  https://corebridge.sharefile.com/r-r2967731f881b47a2bfee8cba8f82feba The CoreBridge team will extract the customer & contact data to prepare it for import into CoreBridge.

Import Assistance

If you require any assistance with formatting and/or importing your customer data into CoreBridge, please reach out to our support department by emailing support@corebridge.net.