This article covers the steps to import your order history from SignVox into CoreBridge.

Retrieving your Order History Data

  1. Ensure that all of the orders you want to bring over are closed and completed. 

            IMPORTANT NOTE:  Reminder that only the closed orders in SignVox will transfer to CoreBridge. 

        2. Email Sign Vox at billing@techvoxinc.com and request your Complete Database with a zip-folder AND a .tar file containing all of your business assets.

            They will know what you are requesting as long as you ask for the complete dataset. This should be in a CSV, Tab Delimited, XML, or MySQL format.                     SignVox will most likely provide it in XML format.


Sending the Files to CoreBridge for Import 

After you have received the files from Sign Vox you should upload them to  https://corebridge.sharefile.com/r-r2967731f881b47a2bfee8cba8f82feba Our team will import the data into CoreBridge.

Import Assistance

If you require any assistance with formatting and/or importing your customer data into CoreBridge, please reach out to our support department by emailing support@corebridge.net.