Ready to Go Live with CoreBridge? Going Live is the transition to using CoreBridge live in your business. This means all new estimates, orders, payments, etc. will be entered directly into CoreBridge. Before you proceed to this phase, it is recommended that users first meet the following criteria:

  • Completed ALL of the above training assignments
  • Created all commonly used machines, parts, and modifiers
  • Adjusted and tested pricing with practice orders and estimates
  • Trained staff and allowed them to enter test orders

If everything above is completed, then you're ready to Go Live and should proceed to schedule your Go Live. 

Important Note: If you haven't completed the above criteria or still have questions about the Go Live process feel free to reach out to us at

How to Schedule your Go Live

  1. Click on this link to schedule your Go Live.
  2. That link will take you to an online questionnaire where you can tell us if you need anything removed or imported. 
  3. The CoreBridge team will perform any necessary procedures during the nightly maintenance window.
  4. The Support Team will notify you the MORNING of your Go Live date when your system is ready.

How to Import your Customers and Order History

CoreBridge offers a fee-based import service to import your customer data from your old system. As part of that service, you can also opt to have your order data imported.

  • Customers: As part of your Go Live we can import your Customers into your CoreBridge. If you would like your customers imported please answer the associated question on the Go Live Questionnaire above. 
  • Order History: The optional order import occurs after you Go Live once all orders in your old system have been closed out (paid in full) for us to be able to import them.
    NOTE:  The imported orders will be in a read-only mode for reference and cannot be edited or cloned within CoreBridge.

Important Information

  1. Once you've submitted your Go Live questionnaire, the support agent will provide you with instructions for how to export your data and a web-based upload link.
  2. Your dataset that's being imported will need to be uploaded to the CoreBridge Upload Folder no later than 4:00 pm Mountain Time three business days prior to your Go Live date

  3. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the data folder is sent early enough for us to verify that the data is intact and importable.  Failure to upload the data on time may result in a delay!
    NOTE: If you need help extracting your information please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team. 

To learn more about imports please see our Supported Imports folder

What Happens After you Go Live

  • You'll input all NEW orders, estimates, and customers in CoreBridge.
  • Any EXISTING order in your OLD system that has entered the production workflow will continue to be run in your old system until it is completed and paid in full. Once ALL orders in your OLD system are closed out, you'll no longer need to maintain it.
  • Complete Lesson 24 in the Interactive Training Path and schedule your First Sync meeting with a CoreBridge Accounting Specialist by contacting
    Note: you can NOT schedule your First Sync before going live. 
  • For more information regarding Syncing between CoreBridge and your Accounting Software click here
  • You can continue to attend the weekly open Question & Answer sessions to get answers to your questions while you follow your Interactive Training Path. You can register for as many or as few as you would like.