Thinking About Going Live?

  • Ensure that you have attended and completed ALL of the training assignments.
  • Ensure all commonly used machines, parts & modifiers are in your system.

  • Ensure pricing is as you would like it (test & enter practice orders).

  • Ensure your staff is trained.

  • Got all of those checked off? You're ready for GoLive!

GoLive! Steps

  1. Select date to GoLive! with your CoreBridge system that is at least 3 U.S. business days out.
  2. Email and confirm your system is GoLive! ready along with your planned GoLive! date.

    1. If you’re importing a customer database from a supported previous system, include this information with your email to the Support Team. Additional details can be found below.

    2. If you have practice/test accounts, estimates, orders that need to be removed prior to GoLive! please inform the Support Team in your request (machines, parts, modifiers, etc. will not be removed).

  3. The CoreBridge team will perform any necessary procedures during the nightly maintenance window.

  4. The Support Team will notify you the MORNING of your GoLive! date when your system is ready.

Post GoLive!

  • You'll input all NEW orders, estimates, and customers in CoreBridge.
  • Any EXISTING order in your OLD POS that has entered the production workflow will continue to be run in your old system until it is completed and paid in full.
    • Once ALL orders in your OLD POS are closed out, you'll no longer need to maintain it.
  • Complete Lesson 24 in the Interactive Training Path and schedule your First Sync meeting with a CoreBridge Accounting Specialist by contacting

Importing Customer and/or Order Data

CoreBridge offers a fee-based import service to bulk import you customer data from your old POS. As part of that service you can also opt to have your order data imported.

NOTE:  While we can import order data, this order data will be for reference only and cannot be edited or cloned within the CoreBridge system.

This is typically a 2 step process:

  1. Customer import immediately PRIOR to GoLive! as noted in the GoLive! Steps above.
  2. Optional order import POST GoLive!  It's CRUCIAL to note that ALL orders in your old POS must be completed and closed out (paid in full) for us to be able to import them. In other words, no changes are being made to the data anymore.

You'll need to provide a dataset from you old POS to do the import. If you're also importing orders at a later date, you'll need to provide a fresh dataset at that time.

Supported POS Systems

  • Cyrious SMS
  • Cyrious Control
  • SignVox
  • Activity
  • Casper
  • QuickBooks (Online and Desktop)

Not on the list? We also offer a way to manually import customer data via a spreadsheet. Read this article to learn more.

Alternatively, we also offer customized import services on a fee basis.

Important Information

  1. Let the support agent who's assisting you with the GoLive! process know that you would like to do a data import.
  2. Once you've confirmed your selected GoLive! date, the support agent will provide you with a web-based upload link.

  3. Your dataset that's being imported will need to be uploaded to the CoreBridge Upload Folder no later than 4:00 pm Mountain Time on the last business day prior to your GoLive! date

  4. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the data folder is sent early enough for us to verify that the data is intact and importable.  Failure to upload the data on time may result in a delay!