This GoLive! Checklist is your guide to going from being signed up to being live in your CoreBridge system.

You should use it to chart your progress through the on-boarding and training process.

Getting Started

  • Register for the Welcome to CoreBridge Training session (the registration link is included in your Getting Started with CoreBridge Training email) If you have further questions email
  • Receive system login information plus registration links for additional training and Q&A sessions (email sent the day of your Welcome to CoreBridge Training session)

Training Outline


Welcome to CoreBridge Training (20 Minutes + 20 Minutes Optional Q&A) - GoToWebinar 

  • Kickoff training session
  • Learn how to use the Training Guide system

  • Cover key topics

  • Create an account on

  • Open Question & Answer


Interactive Training (Self-Paced) 

  • Complete all the recommended guides in your CoreBridge system up to the first live training link.

  • Use the links to register for the live training sessions.


Live Training  - Modifiers (80 minutes) - GoToWebinar 

  • This is a live training session, not self-paced
  • Learn how to use and setup modifiers

  • Create your own modifiers


Live Training  - Pricing Templates & Parts (80 minutes) - GoToWebinar 

  • This is a live training session, not self-paced
  • Learn how to use and setup pricing templates and parts

  • Create your own pricing templates and parts

  • Associate modifiers with parts


Interactive Training (Self-Paced)

  • Complete all the remaining necessary guides.


Training Q&A Sessions (50 Minutes) - GoToWebinar 

  • Attend the weekly open Question & Answer sessions to get answers to your questions while you follow your Interactive Training Path.

  • You can register for as many or as few as you would like.

  • We STRONGLY recommend you attend these on a weekly basis to get answers to your questions.

Post Training

  • Ensure all commonly used machines, parts & modifiers are in your system
  • Ensure pricing is as you would like it (test & enter practice orders)

  • Ensure your staff is trained

  • Get ready for GoLive!


  • Select date to GoLive! with your CoreBridge system that is at least 3 U.S. business days out.

  • Email and confirm your system is GoLive! ready along with your planned GoLive! date

    • If you’re importing a customer database from a supported system, include this information with your email to the Support Team

    • If you have practice/test accounts, estimates, orders that need to be removed prior to GoLive! please inform the Support Team in your request (machines, parts, modifiers, etc. will not be removed)

  • The CoreBridge team will perform any necessary procedures during the nightly maintenance window, and the Support Team will notify you when your system is ready.

  • For a more in-depth explanation of the GoLive! process, review this article.

  • Time to GoLive!