Hard due dates allow users to set due dates on orders that cannot be changed as they move through the workflow. This includes the queues as well as other places throughout the sales module. Hard due dates can only be changed by users with the permission to edit orders.

Setting Hard Due Dates

You can set hard due dates on an order level as well as a product level. This is done in Step 3 of Order Entry.  

By selecting the overall order option, this prevents any and all individual product due date(s) from being extended beyond the chosen due date.

By selecting a hard due date on a product level, it will prevent that specific product due date from being changed throughout the design and production process.

The purpose of hard due dates is to give the ability for orders and/or products that are most time sensitive to be treated as such. Hard due dates can communicate to design and production that the due dates are solid and cannot be changed because of either management or client requests.  

Changing Hard Due Dates

If you wish to change or update hard due dates, you must edit the order, go to Step 3 (Finalize Order) and then update them on either the order or product level. Each time an edit is made on an order, the user is required to select a reason or type in a reason for that edit. The user, as well as the date and time that edit is performed, will be tracked under the Order History Tab on the order view page.